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Located in the heart of the Borough of Islington, Holloway is a truly iconic residential neighbourhood. The Holloway Road (A1) is one of the busiest and most interesting highstreets of London, with shops galore and points of interest dotted along the way. The neighbourhood is nestled between Highgate, Finsbury Park and Kentish Town, and has direct access to the city centre with buses, overground and underground services.

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Local Life

As alluded to above, much of the charm of Holloway revolves around the hustle and bustle of the Holloway road. You’ll soon grow to love it as all amenities you need can be found along this highstreet.

Hidden Gems

For such a central location, the quantity of independently owned small businesses in this area is quite astonishing. A blowout dinner could be enjoyed at the exceptional Westerns Laundry, specialising in small plates. If you are after something a little rougher around the edges, sample exceptional Ethiopian food (try that honey mead!) or some of London’s finest noodles located at the foot of the imposing Emirates Stadium. To wash down Holloway’s finest, try the shamelessly hip Compton Arms (also boasting one of the best kitchens in London), or a good cup of coffee at Vagabond.

Resident Tips

All great neighbourhoods are characterised by their green and open spaces. Holloway is no exception. The N7 postcode is a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Highbury Fields, Gillespie Park and of course, Finsbury Park. All of these can easily be accessed by public transport